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Now don't be expecting the same styled images as you see in magazines here, as I have had work published in magazines and been there and done that, I want to show you my art.

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This is my art, my world, my rules.

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Sunday, 27 December 2009

The life we create and the life we choose to lead.

I thank our lucky stars everyday that I wake up next to my husband and to our first son, our miracle baby, the one we were told for years I would never be able to conceive, lying in his Moses Basket next to us.
  Picture, Left, Above, our son sucking his thumb in the womb.
Mothers everywhere will relate to how it feels when they are pregnant. 
Although I have SPD that started at 16 weeks pregnant, I would go through it over and over again just for him. Our little 'squish face' who is absolutely beautiful.

All through my pregnancy I was in agony and in a wheelchair, in which I am still to this day, a month after birth, but whenever I felt down, or was sobbing, or in pain, I would feel this little life inside me, move, kick, wriggle, hiccup and prod; and he would make me feel on top of the world. 

He was named and very much wanted way before we even conceived and we needed some little help from a pill called 'Clomid'. This forced my ovaries to release one of my eggs, one that later became our son Brandon. The son we have waited all our lives to have. 

There were many problems and complications through the pregnancy and birth and some still occuring now, but lady luck has shone on us, as we got through it to be able to have him here, in our arms.

Picture, Above, I am in a wheelchair holding my bump.
Picture, Left, My third trimester, I am in agony as I attempt to kneel with my husbands help to show off our son, as he is the womb.

Many people take pregnancy and children for granted but you never know how important something is until you have experienced severe and traumatic problems.

He was born 8lbs 11oz on November 20th 2009 at 18:52hrs.
I tried to give birth normally but the SPD was too much and the baby was stuck. 

I was offered an intervention or a C-Section and thankfully I chose the emergency section as we later found out, as it was written on our discharge paper, that our son had the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck and head and if I had opted for intervention, he may have never been here at all.

Life will always throw obstacles at you, but it's overcoming these obstacles that make you the person you are today and you find yourself aware and appreciative of moments, things, situations that to your dismay, others take for granted.

Picture, Right, the picture I dreaded to be captured.
All through my pregnancy I avoided images being taken of me in my wheelchair, but why? I am still in it now, it has been replaced with a self-propelling one, one I can move myself at times. 

But the question is why do we not accept things around us at times. There was and is a positive to me having a wheelchair. It prevented me from being stuck indoors, being alone and isolated. I could and can go places. Still do certain things I did when I could walk.

So when you are having a hard time you should stop and look at the situation in a different light, you may be perceiving something positive, negatively, I have many times. As negative as it is, it is life and there is nothing I can do to change things.

So at the end of suffering, there is usually something positive and our positive, our light at the end of the tunnel is our son. Who has transformed our lives.

No other life event we will experience, can ever come close to the birth of Brandon, our Brandon, our Son.

Just holding him brings me to tears, relief, happiness and love. Many other feelings that are so strong and important it is impossible for me to put into words.

I am enjoying being a mam. Something I never thought I would be and the husband and I are very much looking forward to growing old together and sharing our son as we grow together. 

Experiencing him and his life and his growing up together.

Things that you cannot put a price on.

Think twice the next time you moan about something and ask yourself, is it worth it? Really worth all the stress? When there are more serious things happening and you are so lucky to be where you are today.

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