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...I work so hard to attempt to perceive the world through my clients eyes, to give all my clients, the people who I thank for giving me the opportunity to work for them and share their fantastic moments, sentimental moments and share their memories, the images I feel they desire...

...This is my chance to show you the world through my eyes... the lady behind the lens.. the work and images that mean the most to me.

Now don't be expecting the same styled images as you see in magazines here, as I have had work published in magazines and been there and done that, I want to show you my art.

As an artist using a camera as my tool, my tool to show you how I feel, what I like, simply my world. In my world, anything goes, from professional appearing images to pixelated, out of focus and dramatic.

This is my art, my world, my rules.

I hope you enjoy.



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Sunday, 27 December 2009

A piece of Magnolia... (Intro to blog).

To start I would like to share a piece of me, not the name I chose. It would be predictable to match this title with photography I could have done of the Magnolia flower itself, but that is already established under the name Magnolia. 

When you name a person, what do you name them from, and do you expect them to resemble what you named them from forever?

I don't, I believe it is the personality that defines the name and although Magnolia is not my name, it was not given to me, it was chosen in 2001 as a name to put to my photography, it has blossomed and developed, to mean many things.

And one thing that I associate with the name I have given my work, is me. 

So here are some pieces of me, I would like to express and share. Of course your interpretations will be different, meanings will be different and perceptions will be different to mine...

...but that's exactly what makes things interesting.

Image information: 
Top: A self portrait 'Jump' using Tripod and Timer. Left: Unedited, straight from camera, full sized image of myself, my husband snapped this. Right: A snapshot I created of a headshot my husband took, to show the world the lady behind Magnolia Photography UK.

I have been behind the lens quite a few times and even found myself published in magazines and modelling for merchandise companies, bands and shops but this is not what I wish to do, although I didn't mind helping a few people out and enjoyed the feeling you get when someone compliments you, I knew deep inside that modelling is really not for me.
I have too big of a heart and care too much about my appearance to be strong enough to model, and I won't kid you, I have stretch marks, more so now, my war wounds I call them from having our miracle baby, and I am not the required size for modelling. I was surprised to find myself in those situations in the first place, but I am proud. Proud of what I have achieved and proud to have been brave enough at the time to allow myself to experience such opportunities.

What I am proud of the most, is the people I inspired, I personally do not see myself as any inspiration at all, but modelling and other women witnessing this, I inspired others to persue their dreams and model themselves, as I proved that you do not have to be the 'required size' to model as there are areas out there that require various women to model.

This is why I help, support, advise and provide contacts to women who approach me for such purposes. Promoting natural and 'normal' beauty, getting various women who could be your next door neighbour, or a girl you went to school with into doing what they have always dreamed. There is an area for everyone, despite how you feel. I myself have photoshopped women for magazines who are top models, and yes they have stretch marks too, I remove them, they have spots and blemishes and I make them into what the magazine wants, the 'required size' and model.

You need to be brave though, and be able to wash remarks and criticism away, and I as an individual find it more appealing and more 'me' to be behind a camera, capturing the world. This is merely what I prefer and I enjoy it.

I enjoy bringing the best out of people, capturing the moments that matter and I have dabbled in Make Up Artistry, Styling and thought up creative settings and positions, which I have advised on posture and have many credentials in these areas. I have a drama background as well, acting and performing in which helps me to create such appealing/artistic/creative concepts for images, in which unlike my dabbling in Make Up Artistry I have qualifications in. I do have backstage styling and make up experience but no qualifications as of yet, not that I have not tried though.

Starting my Art and Photography as a business was very hard, but I did it. I offer Design, Photography and Image editing through my business, but there is nothing I wish to do more than to put the concepts I have in my mind into images.

Now you know some of why I do what I do, and what I have done, I would like to continue this blog focusing more on images of meaning to me.

*Note: Click on an image to view them larger in the same window or to read the articles I have included.*

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