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...I work so hard to attempt to perceive the world through my clients eyes, to give all my clients, the people who I thank for giving me the opportunity to work for them and share their fantastic moments, sentimental moments and share their memories, the images I feel they desire...

...This is my chance to show you the world through my eyes... the lady behind the lens.. the work and images that mean the most to me.

Now don't be expecting the same styled images as you see in magazines here, as I have had work published in magazines and been there and done that, I want to show you my art.

As an artist using a camera as my tool, my tool to show you how I feel, what I like, simply my world. In my world, anything goes, from professional appearing images to pixelated, out of focus and dramatic.

This is my art, my world, my rules.

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Monday, 25 January 2010

Hmmm... when life takes a funny turn...

... we have to keep our humour!

O.K. No one can ever say this easily, but.... I have been diagnosed with a life long severe disability, and for those who don't know, it triggered problems during my pregnancy and I am currently in a wheelchair.

 I made a promise to myself last night that being disabled for life will not bring me down. Hopefully, eventually pain management will make life easier. Until then I will have to suffer, but it will not change me or who I am. It will not define me or who I am, I am still me, at least I am alive. I will help others with the same problems as I, as no truer word be said than from those who have experienced. 

And I meant every word I said. It's times like these that you cannot help but find yourself being philosophical and my husband just smiled at me when I queried my words " no truer word be said than from those who have experienced." He wants me to write books as well, well you wont' know will you, a friend of mine by the name of Nev says I speak with my heart and would make a great writer.

I live for my miracle son and my fantastic husband.

BUT: I will try and re-open Magnolia Photography UK as I like to practice the advice I teach, such sayings I advise other Photographers: 

"All I advise anyone is to capture from the heart, a photo is meaningless if you don't capture the things you care about."

"A camera is simply a tool to capture the eyes of an artist."

I would very much like to continue capturing people, places and life. If I fail to re-open as a business then I will and am very determined that it will stay as what it was originally, Freelance and a Hobby.

I created a piece of Art recently in an attempt to capture how I felt, but you can never put the whole picture accross to people, but there is no harm in trying.

O.K so it may not be to everyone's taste but like I said before feelings are hard to make into a visual representation and it's a piece of my mind, presented to an audience, visually, with the only tools I have. Photoshop.

This is my happy blog and I feel I am moving in an unwanted direction so I am happy to present some model images I have been working on of a lovely lady I met when my business was open, she is beautiful, kind hearted, understanding, patient and unique.

I dedicate these to her and hope she goes far!

Credits in advance:
Model: Gwendoline Wilson.
Make up Artistry: Magnolia Photography UK:
Studio: Magnolia Photography UK/Newton Aycliffe.
Editing: Magnolia Photography UK 2009,2010.

Editing Example first:

NOTE: Click on the images to view them BIGGER then click back.

Thank you Gwen for being a fantastic Model and for giving me the opportunity to capture you for my Portfolio.
I wish you all the luck in the world and I am sure you will go far
keep your chin up and never give up modelling.

Much love.

Sarah. x

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