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...This is my chance to show you the world through my eyes... the lady behind the lens.. the work and images that mean the most to me.

Now don't be expecting the same styled images as you see in magazines here, as I have had work published in magazines and been there and done that, I want to show you my art.

As an artist using a camera as my tool, my tool to show you how I feel, what I like, simply my world. In my world, anything goes, from professional appearing images to pixelated, out of focus and dramatic.

This is my art, my world, my rules.

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Saturday, 2 January 2010

Start 2010 with peace, happiness and hope...

Before reading this I am having font issues and the font may differ below to this font that has been typed now, and I really don't know why, so sorry but I have tried sorting it out. It is readable anyway and that is the most important purpose, especially for a blog, enjoy.

I have done the right thing today and I am feeling happy, proud and hopeful that things will sort out soon. 

I am also proud that I have done it in a professional, kind-hearted and helpful way instead of stooping low to others levels. It's 2010 now, and it's nice to start 2010 with peace, happiness and hope

Wish everyone the luck they deserve, have a good 2010!

It is easy for you to lose your temper or cry and be disappointed when someone does a hurtful action towards you, whether you know the person or not, and these emotions are triggered from our self defense mechanism to stressors; basically our bodies natural defensive response to stressful/upsetting/hurtful things.

Having these feelings does not make you a bad person as everyone has them, it is however how you choose to react, respond or reply in some virtual cases, to such actions that define your actions to follow as bad/good.

I choose good and you know what it feels great, as I have attempted to solve any issues, dealt with the action appropriately, honestly and fairly and offered possible solutions for moving on or resolving any issues and I have a right to feel good, as what I have responded to today, involves many people not just myself and also involves the reputation of a fantastic organisation, so I really hope my response will make everything right for 2010.

Here are some images, some from the personal memory bank, that make me happy, smile, feel good, remember and laugh; that I would like very much to share with you.

This is an image from Holland, of a fish eating statue.
This brings back happy memories as it was a dear friend who invited me over with a friend (unfortunately now a long lost friend) to have a break and have some fun; in which for fun, we worked in his recording studio recording a song I wrote and perfecting it.

A song? You may be thinking, yes, I have many hobbies, but I never said I was any good at any of them, and you may find the song and the video slightly weird, but it is just something I wrote and enjoyed and have many memories associated with, mainly exceptionally good ones.

Note: Before watching this I would like to point out  a few things about the video.
The guitarist is the dear friend of mine from Holland, Den Haag, we are still very much friends and I enjoy watching the music videos he makes of his solo songs and band. Anyway twas he who changed the progression of the chords I wrote for this song and is the mastermind behind the backwards guitar solo. I also wrote the lyrics and I am also singing the song, there are conflicting opinions on my singing but I could not allow for anyone to sing the song I wrote, as it is personal to me, means a lot to me and by singing the song, I am expressing myself through the song I created, and believe strongly in expressing myself through art; in which as an artist, I also paint, draw, sketch, try to play the guitar *giggles*, write lyrics mainly and attempt putting chords to it, sing, and do what I love the most, my photography.
 Many of which I share with my husband as we love to be creative together, he is an excellent guitarist as opposed to me and his pop art canvases are simply fantastic, in which we are both proud to have sold one canvas each in which we painted, so thats 2 out of about 5 we painted. I have also sold a second canvas but that was a portrait canvas painted from a photograph. We love sharing every moment we can together and we enjoy ourselves when being artistic and creative.

As I also stated in a previous blog, I have modelled alternative clothing for local shops and some bands etc, in which I have also appeared in mainstream magazines. This video includes some images of me modelling such clothes, being with my husband Rob, dancing in the sea in holland, our pet hamsters who are no longer with us but will always be in our hearts, Donnie and Claudio and some photography pictures of places me and Rob visited together and their beauty, the tree, view of part of Huddersfield, trees, our guitar desaturated.
There is also a picture of me and my friend Buzz Gringo, from Holland, the guitarist, it is picture number 3 in regards to order, in which I am stood on the right with pigtails.
I am forever grateful for his present of the trip to Holland for 10 days and witness Den Haag and beautiful places surrounding.

Hope you enjoy, and hope it works for you.

(The lyrics at the beginning whispered: I won't shout, hear me out, I have too much to say, take my words, keep them close, don't let them fade away.)

Here is the video:

I like this image of a model I photographed who is also a very friendly lady. I emphasised her eyes, which are blue, and think this would look quite nice on a canvas, I do like the hand positions.

This image is of  a friend of mine and it was my idea to add the rainbow to the image as I think the image is beautiful and I wanted her to be at the end of a rainbow to signify reaching your goal as everyone knows the leprechauns goal is to get the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, well in this image she is beautiful, and she is the pot of gold. *smiles*

Blue Shoes, I call it, I like the femininity of this image and maybe because every woman has some sort of attraction to shoes, I do too, I just love how the legs look and again would love to have this as a canvas.

This is a friend of mine who I met in Huddersfield (where I met my husband) who was camera shy but had an incredible dress sense, which I admire him so much for his bravery to show this to the public eye and face them without a care in the world, as I, deep down have unusual dress sense and used to, when I was in my teens, not care, but wish I was the same now, I am so scared of people judging me, not wanting me to do their photography (even though I dress professional at all times for clients and assignments), and the clothes I want to wear are just pretty really. Dresses with bizarre designs, i.e., yellow and strawberries, pink ribboned parasol, pink/black stripy tights, hello kitty shoes and fashion.

Any way think I will wear the clothes I just mentioned and do a blog on my weird and wonderful, personal fashion sense. Maybe it is because I am an artist I wish to express myself via fashion differently to the rest of the world, I don't know, all I know is it makes me very happy.

He allowed me to take his first shot ever, and I was and am to this day, still flattered, and wanted to do something special with his image, this looks like it has a union jack for a sky, with the lines, and I wanted to emphasise the beauty and colours of the sky, and desaturate the bottom as if to insinuate a feeling of 'age', as if it was old in comparison.

I used a spotlight filter to darken some corners including the bottom right one, to emphasise age, again.

I think of this picture as a tribute to Britain and being proud to be british but also to be looking onwards from your past, thinking about your future as you look onward to the sky, all his hopes and dreams floating around in his head and we will never know, all we can do is just watch from this distance as he glares up at the sky.

This is the last image I am going to share with you for this post, and I feel it is a nice picture to end.

It was shot on the same shoot as the image above with the British sky, and it is beautiful to me.

I always admire the shapes of trees, their age and their branches and this one shows the different sizes which I love the most as looking through the branches at the sky, if you have not noticed already, is one of my many favourite things to do, and with this one you have many small and scattered branches infront of the sky.

Why is that beautiful? What does it mean to you?
Well when I look at it, it makes me think of the many paths you can choose in life, your family and how it expands, grows, change as nothing stays the same, life and hope, as the trees and plants reach for the light, as we reach for the happy things in life. Our light.

You may have mixed opinions on what I see, and there are many sayings that can be linked, such as 'light at the end of the tunnel' also an interpretation of reaching goals and happy things in life, but I had to be honest with you, I am not going to make up something to try and impress anyone, this is genuinely what I see when I see this tree, and it makes me incredibly happy, hopeful and it really makes me want to go for a walk again, which I cannot do due to my wheelchair, well, wants to make me go outside and feel the wind on my cheeks and watch the leaves swaying.

Whenever someone upsets you, just think of the person you are, not who they are, and do what you think would make you happy, in which would also solve any issues as opposed to creating more. Even if you choose to turn the other cheek and ignore.

Hope you have a happy 2010 filled with many happy moments, opportunities and good luck.

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