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Friday, 29 January 2010

Won 1st Prize in a local competition...

January 2010:

I am gobsmacked, since my business was closed originally due to maternity leave and now i have been diagnosed with a permanent life long disability and I am still in a wheelchair I thought photography would be off the agenda for a while!

But I still took some images and I entered a local competition on a site that I think is a fantastic idea and wish there was something like that for local disabled people too.

There was initially a problem with the sending in form but we managed to sort that out before the competition deadline to which i was so glad to have been able to enter as for a while i thought that it was going to be impossible.

Anyway, my parents mean so much to me, my mam and dad, and they are always an inspiration to me and i am so glad they found each other for more than the reason I am here, they are still together and very much in love and help my husband, our baby and I out so much and have been through a lot with us, especially with this disability and my wheelchair.

The camera I gave to my dad, a fujifilm finepix s7000 Digital Camera had just broken and i have tried everything to be able to support my dad and show him all our gratitude by getting him a new digital camera.

Being disabled has proven to make life difficult as each easy step I could do before becomes many complicated steps to reach one goal and something as simple as getting dressed, can make me immobile for the rest of the day or even week if I hurt myself, and I need help with it anyway. 

So buying dad one was out of the question.

I entered this competition to try and win my dad the digital camera but also to be able to share a piece of my mind, life and I would say work but I prefer to call it n opportunity to view things through my eyes.

I am sat here speechless and cannot believe that I of all people have actually won 1st prize and now I am able to give my dad the prize, the digital camera.

I am not speaking of the image or the description or the make of the camera as I am not prepared to announce it before they do but you can find the information yourself which will be updated soon at the following link:

Click here on this sentence to go to the competition website :) 
Please NOTE: Page is no longer on the site, So I have uploaded 2 screenshots of my entries and the site itself showing these to which I won with the PLUG image below:

Well this is the 2nd best day of my life as it would have been the first but nothing ever will ever be able to beat the day we had our son.

I will cherish this in my memories forever, and I am ever so flattered and happy that I actually achieved this. Having had to fight for everything and having had a difficult life as well as finding it difficult to feel self worth being newly disabled this is a fantastic boost of self confidence, self worth as well as the feel good factor and the appreciation I feel for being accepted.

I meant every word I said about the image and as an artist I enjoyed capturing it and edited it wholeheartedly, I put my heart and soul into what I do and that's why my main aim business wise is/was to help others.

I am still shocked, speechless and cannot help but smile which is being shared by my son who is laid on my knee smiling and giggling back at me as if he shares the moment and knows how i feel right now.

I love him so much, and even if i never win anything ever again in my whole life, no one can take this moment away from me and it means the world to me, its as if i have won the lottery and i just cannot explain it.

Some people may think that i am going over the top but those who do can, as i am being honest and it really has meant this much to me, it has :)

much love to everyone reading this and again you never know unless you try!

"Reach for the moon and you are bound to land on a star" and I am always happy with a star as I don't need the moon, the simple things in life are always the best, the moments, the feelings, the experiences, nothing more. 


p.s. will put the image up on here alongside the description as soon as it has been announced for a while, as I refuse to take that away from the lovely people who gave me this opportunity in the first place, you are fantastic and I am forever grateful. xxxx

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