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Friday, 11 March 2011

Where have you been Magnolia?

Well yes! It has been over a year since I updated this blog, but all within good reason....

Becoming a mam!
Life has finally allowed me to become a mother and my husband and I are so pleased as we were previously told it would be impossible so we have been enjoying our miracle child.

Unfortunate news!
Now it all hasn't been that easy, as I had some unfortunate news, which I believe I previously may have mentioned, I have a joint disability in which I have had not knowingly to me since the age of 14, perhaps younger and it is known as Hypermobility Syndrome which during pregnancy I developed Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD also known as Pelvic Girdle Pain, PGP)

Now, I closed my business as this condition has disabled me and I no longer work, but have continued to photograph and if anyone needs any images I am more than happy to assist. 

Now this condition means that I need a wheelchair to get out and about but as you will soon see it has no effect on my photography skills, which I am very thankful for as photography has been a way of life for me since I was very young. 

What to do with my life?
Now at 23 years old I needed to choose what to do with my life, and I am not the kind of person to sit about and do nothing, so after 2 years of investigating SPD and running a support group on a social networking site it opened my eyes to the need for an SPD charity, so I started one. However it will never be affiliated with my photography site but I have declared that Magnolia Photography Support it.

Starting a charity!
I bet your wanting to know what it is! It is called Support Pelvic Dysfunction and it is 1 in 4 women *statistics from 2009 NHS booklet, develop SPD during pregnancy and I am told recently that it is now 1 in 3 women! This means that if you know a woman your likely to know someone who has, had or will have SPD at some point in their life, and just because one pregnancy may go OK, unfortunately it doesn't mean that SPD cannot happen in another.

So here I am offering support to all those including the families of the SPD sufferers, who are unfortunate enough to develop the condition. My charity also offers help to those with other pregnancy related conditions! 

So I offer an email service ( )and one on one suggestive advice as well as a telephone help system ( 07721656764 ) on Mondays and Fridays. I am enjoying doing it to be honest as it is nice and refreshing to be able to help others when I know how hard it is and how much I struggled with the lack of help available to those who do not recover from SPD. It is common in pregnancy but it is not normal and should be diagnosed and treated! So yes, I am here to help.

Photography at our Boating Lake!
On a nice day, taking our son to the park, when I am not running my charity nor on my support sites, or going to many hospital appointments, I decided to do some outdoor photography of our wonderful boating lake.

I would love now more than anything else to show you the wonderful images I had the pleasure of capturing! And I would love more than anything more people and families to help get professional photo's as well as many on disc to print or many prints in fact if thats an option and all they have to do is cover the costs of the prints etc. So although I am not making any money I am not losing any either, and it's a benefit to me as I enjoy it so much and I get to use some of the images in my portfolio! I also respect the wishes of those who do not wish for their photos to be used or distributed by anyone other than themselves, its their right and they should have that right upheld!

New Photo Album!
We have also added an album to our website called 'OUR COLLECTION" and I thought it would be nice for people to see who we are and take a little peek into our lives a little, so we created this album and put some of our own personal family favourites in it, just for you. :)

Ok, no more ranting so here are my images now: (p.s. thank you for taking the time to read and enjoy our blog)

Note: Although some and not all of these images bear the copyright Magnolia watermark, all images provided are copyright 2001, 2011 © and cannot be re-used or distributed without the prior written consent of Magnolia Photography, Newton Aycliffe.

This beautiful boating lake was where i had the pleasure of capturing images of the trees and ducks and this image is one of 3 i have captured of the lake.
This beautiful landscape image is the second of three beautiful images of newton aycliffe's boating lake. Stephenson Way School can be seen in the background as this is the other side of the boating lake in which we have a nice shop nearby to which we buy bread to feed the birds often with our young child.  
This beautiful image is the third of three of Newton Aycliffe's Boating Lake, as in 2 you can see the Stephenson Way School in this image also. This area features beautiful trees and if you walk toward the school there is a nice bridge over the lake to take you to the other side where there are a number of benches in the park and also a play area (play park) with swings etc. for the little ones. If your lucky you can see our Newton Aycliffe mums excercising there on the morning surestart operate it, in which surestart is situated right next to Stephenson Way School. Perfect for the Pre-School youngsters! It offers many fantastic services including the exercising opportunities and mums can bring their little ones with them to that too! 

All of these images and more can be viewed at

So here I am!
So here I am plodding along day by day, capturing beauty whenever I'm able, enjoying the joys of being a mam, our son is 16 months old now and he is wonderful. He loves to run around the living room giggling, can say dog, baby, cat, hiya and things really well, is really clever, knows what you are asking of him, likes to wave hi and bye, calls Foxy from the Foxy bingo ads on JK a 'gog' (Dog) which always makes me and my husband giggle.

A Life saver!
I seem to have forgotton to mention how important it is what my husband has done since the condition. He quit work during my pregnancy to look after me as I needed 24/7 care, and as things have not changed he became my 24/7 registered carer and has been by my side ever since.

Now this might sound really easy but I am proud of us for sticking together when times were hard, at first we were just finding our feet, and then we had no social life for long periods of time and we couldn't be a couple, it might sound strange as we were together 24/7 and still are but we had no couple time or times where we felt like husband and wife as it has felt like a chore at times and for me has been really difficult from being really independent and working two jobs at a time whilst doing other things like my Psychology Degree I was doing as well as photography as I was going to become a Dr. of Clinical Psychology and work as a psychologist and do photography as well, both part-time.

And you feel like your doing well and your life's planned out and your achieving what you need when WHAM! You become disabled, you struggle with day to day tasks and your lifes turned completely upside down, i have poor mobility so cannot do stairs so ended up in a 2 year battle for a stairlift and only recently things are turning and on the up! But we have worked so hard I haven't really had time to update this blog or other things so I am pleased to have the opportunity finally to come on here and talk about what's been happening.

Well its 6:35am and I got up early to do a few online things and the bairns up and giggling haha, so my husbands going to get him up now... he is chatting to himself, don't you love baby babble!

Well I have to be off to go and be a mam, yay, and I was basically saying how proud I am of my husband who has dedicated his life and our marriage to becoming my carer which has been hard but were obviously a strong and very inlove and intune couple as were here and happy and fighting battles and hardships together.

Now that's something lovely to end this blog on!     

Wish you all the best, thanks for stopping by, will update again soon!

Magnolia Photography

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