The Mind of the Magnolia...

...I work so hard to attempt to perceive the world through my clients eyes, to give all my clients, the people who I thank for giving me the opportunity to work for them and share their fantastic moments, sentimental moments and share their memories, the images I feel they desire...

...This is my chance to show you the world through my eyes... the lady behind the lens.. the work and images that mean the most to me.

Now don't be expecting the same styled images as you see in magazines here, as I have had work published in magazines and been there and done that, I want to show you my art.

As an artist using a camera as my tool, my tool to show you how I feel, what I like, simply my world. In my world, anything goes, from professional appearing images to pixelated, out of focus and dramatic.

This is my art, my world, my rules.

I hope you enjoy.



Magnolia Photography UK

Thursday, 22 March 2012

What We Do!

Well I am pleased that we have updated our website and news section today and changed About Us to What We Do!

This is what we do:

Why we changed from Business to Professional Hobby Photography and how this benefits our clients and projects:

I am Sarah, a qualified Artist and Professional Photographer. I founded this as a business in October of 2008, having qualified as an artist and having done various photography since 2001. I closed my business in July 2009 and have been enjoying hobby photography ever since, as have our clients!

I am wife of Robert, who is also an artist and I am mother of our miracle son we nickname 'Bam'.

I am still normal Newtonian Sarah, I just spend my time outdoors now using a wheelchair. It means all I need to do is pace myself, which means more time and dedication to each project and client. So it's a bonus really. As long as people are open minded and aware that I am no different to anyone else there are never any problems.

I have not changed as I still do what I could before, just not as often as before.

I am proud of myself because when I am not spending time with and enjoying my family, teaching my son as I'm educated in Psychology, Child Behaviour, Physical and Cognitive Development in children and more; and when I am not supporting him and helping him grow, I don't sit at home doing nothing.

I now create various art alongside my husband, I'm participating in local Gallery Exhibitions and Craft Fayre's, I now have a charity I founded and run, and I enjoy Photography a lot more as I can focus on one thing at a time now, which gives really good end results. I rest when I need to and make sure I have plenty of rest prior to taking on a project or client.

That means people that approach me now, have good services, a lot of time spent on them without the hefty charges of photography on top and all they purchase are actual items such as photographs etc. that are an actual cost to me, including any services in which other companies charge.

Photography is an art form and I love doing it as part of my Art as well as capturing memories and being a part of creating memories too. It's such a pleasure to be part of someones life for that brief moment, creating masterpieces they will treasure for years to come.

I will kindly photograph anything with my personal studio equipment and lighting, which is accessible to all and local, including capturing any non studio photography excluding weddings and some other events.

We still offer a range of finished products from canvas images, printed albums, photograph albums, cushions, cups, enlargement prints, poster prints, framed prints and more, and all you have to pay for is the item costs alone and collection is free and local, unless you wish for us to post, which we will notify you of the postage and packaging costs to your home or business.

Paypal or bank transfer can be used to cover the costs for your services.

One off gift donations towards our equipment repair costs, cleaning, studio advancing, equipment replacements and more, are completely optional and are certainly not required at any time for any service we volunteer.

If you wish to do this as some do, we would like you to know it would be completely of your own accord. We take on projects of our own choice and we never ask for any payment other than to cover costs of services that you require such as actual items such as photographs etc. that are an actual cost to me, including any services in which other companies charge.

Depending on the photography required I can still photograph most things and I do it for free, and all enquiries are welcome.

If you would like to know more about SPD please enter into your internet browser and view this page.


WE also have good NEWS we have added to the news section:
"Local Art Exhibition featuring ourselves amongst various talented local artists. Everything from fine art to mixed media art and more! Newton Aycliffe really has a lot to share and a lot to be proud of as a small town! Read this article to find out why! "

Artists In Local Gallery Exhibition:
Above: Watercolour Japanese Manga inspired Kawaii Art by Artist and local Newtonian Mrs. Sarah Dightam.

Hello Everyone!

I am pleased to announce that my husband and I have submitted work in the local gallery exhibition held by and at Greenfield Arts Center.

Our work will be displayed until the 25th April 2012, and it is a chance for local newtonians to check out all varieties of artwork, from fine art to mixed media and more, from local artists.

As a qualified Artist myself, my also artist husband and I have been keeping it on the quiet, working on several projects at home and it has been quite a pleasure to have taken part in this and the crafts fayre this year and we are sure to participate next year, having more time to do so this time.

With limited time on hand, my husband Robert Dightam, created a wonderful piece using acrylic on canvas inspired by the band Mars Volta, called 'L'Via L'Viaqueaz.'

I created a painting using acrylic on canvas, of a cupcake called 'Cherry on Top', an A4 oil pastel piece called 'Girl with purple fleece', and a set of two photographs taken from our local boating lake, of ducks on the lake and by the lake called 'Friends'.

Here are some low quality images of our pieces, that were captured using a phone, with kind permission of the Gallery Co-Ordinator.

Roberts: 'L'Via L'Viaqueaz'. Art expo N/A

Roberts: L'Via L'Viaqueaz'. Art expo N/A

Girl with purple fleece. Oil pastel. Art expo N/A

Friends. Photography set. Art expo N/A

Friends. Photography set. Art expo N/A

Cherry on top. Art expo N/A
Thank you for taking the time to read our news section. We appreciate your time and hope you enjoyed our webpage and visit again soon!

-Newtonians Sarah and Robert.


As you can see we have been quite busy and we have thoroughly enjoyed all our recent projects and hope to continue on this path as it is very fulfilling in our lives and most of all we get to share our time out, family time, art and photography time, charity time and more. What more could we ask for?

We have moved home to a new property that meets my medical needs and we couldn't be happier. Our son is blossoming into a little boy and he will be starting nursery next year! *shocked face here* 
Where! Oh Where! Did the years go?

We are making new friends, old friends are moving on, and we are just following the path that life is leading us right now, it is not all sunshine and rainbows, we do have obstacles surpassed and more obstacles to conquer, but we prefer to focus on the positives and we find the negatives usually get sorted out when we're face to face with them. So it is nice to focus on the positives and be cheery and chirpy and looking forward to many years to come, growing old together as man and wife, watching our son grow up to be a man and filling our parents shoes when we reach their age and our son has a life of his own. 

We all grow, we all move forward, and life is quite short despite it being the longest thing we do, so it's better to focus on the positives, focus on family, focus on the things we enjoy that include photography and art, sharing our life with our friends, new friends, old friends, past and future friends and it's better to forget the negatives that we have conquered and not think about the negatives we have yet to conquer but think about each other, our aspirations, dreams and inspirations. 

Creating new art and new work. 

And celebrating times of celebration whenever and as much as we can, even if you cannot find much to celebrate, celebrate family, being alive, being here, having had the chance to experience parenthood. Health not wealth, as you cannot buy happiness and you cannot buy love and you cannot buy good health or any of things my husband and I value. 

We want to live a humble, comfortable, happy life. Nothing more.

And right now, we are grateful to be here, at this stage in life, with a son to cherish.

What more could we ever want? 

Happiness is something we never take for granted and we appreciate, and it is not always easy but we work hard at things and that's taking pride in what we do, passion for what we do, and loving what we do, listening to people and understanding one another.

" It's not the conflicts or problems in life people should dwell nor focus on, but in fact HOW they are resolved that is most important. With Respect and Understanding and sometimes Compromise. " -Mrs. Sarah Dightam's quote: quoted since 2007. A quote I swear by.